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Why Join Levy Professionals?

Join the Levy Professionals community, where you’re more than just a contractor. We integrate you into our vibrant culture, ensuring you feel part of the Levy family, and actively support your career journey, offering continuous engagement and opportunities for growth.

With Levy, your professional development is paramount. We provide seamless transitions between projects, aligning your skills and career aspirations with new opportunities, ensuring no gaps in employment. Experience a unique consultancy that truly invests in your future and values your contribution.

Levy Community

Discover Levy Global’s unique approach, where integration and active support forge a thriving community. Beyond just placing you, we ensure you’re a valued member of our team, offering continuous engagement and solutions, making your success our priority.

Visa & Re-Location

Kickstart your career in the Netherlands with Levy Professionals! As a tech or business professional from diverse regions, enjoy exceptional project opportunities and full relocation support. We provide visa assistance, housing advice, and ensure a smooth transition to your new role in our innovative community.

Project Pipeline

Visit Levy Professionals for the latest on our projects and live vacancies

Unwavering Career Support

Discover a career path at Levy Global where your ambitions meet strategic goals and long-term earnings potential. Experience personalized career planning that aligns with your aspirations, ensuring each step advances your professional journey and financial future.

Regular Events

Join Levy’s vibrant community where events and gatherings are the heartbeat of our culture. Engage, share, and connect at our diverse events, fostering a sense of belonging and unity. Be part of an environment that celebrates collaboration and mutual support, even across varied client sites. Levy is where professional relationships flourish.

Our Events for Professionals

We ensure our community of project professionals, sales and operations colleagues benefit from regular live events.

Summer Event in Amsterdam

The Levy New Year’s Eve Party

Pensions Masterclass for Levy Professionals

Our annual summer get together

People Management Team

Welcome to the People Management team at Levy Professionals! We are dedicated to ensuring that every staff member seconded to client projects receives unparalleled support throughout their assignments, both in life and in their career development.

Our team is committed to fostering a nurturing environment that not only focuses on professional growth but also on personal well-being, ensuring that our people can thrive in every aspect of their roles.

Teresa Curiel

Head of People Management

Natasha Mootoo

People Manager