Rewards, Culture Career Path, Training

Our Benefits and Rewards

Rewards, Culture Career Path, Training

Commission Scheme

Elevate Your Earnings: Step into a world where an entrepreneurial is not just recognized but richly rewarded. At Levy, we offer a competitive financial package that stands out in the recruitment industry. Enjoy a robust commission scheme, and performance-related bonuses.


Enjoy a suite of luxury incentives that go beyond the conventional. From exclusive dining experiences at prestigious venues to all-expenses-paid international trips, we ensure our top performers are rewarded in style. It’s our way of saying thank you in our high-performance culture.


Unlock your full potential with Levy’s structured career and training programmes. See more details in training section.


We prioritize your well-being. Navigating post-pandemic life, we offer tools for resilience and stress management. Our commitment is to foster an environment where mental health is openly discussed, and support is readily available. We encourage every team member to recognize the importance of balance and understand that it’s okay to experience challenges.

Culture at Levy Global

How we live our values for the mutual benefit of staff, candidates and clients

Entrepreneurial Spirit

At Levy Global, embracing an entrepreneurial approach means you'll be aiming for strong business results. You'll push beyond the norm, navigate through challenges, and continually devise effective methods for sustained success.

Authentic Identity

We value your authenticity. Be genuine, engage with sincerity, and understand the principles that drive you, aligning your actions with our collective mission.

Unwavering Accountability

We encourage you to embody the value of adaptability by taking charge, welcoming growth, and navigating challenges. Result; Shape outcomes that benefit your career, our clients, and your ambitions.

Levy Group Events

Our team events reward performance and strengthen teams. 

Annual Christmas Sales Conference Event

Celebrating in Spain

Annual Company Trip

Teambuilding activities/events

Live Vacancies: NL / UK

View the latest roles across the UK and Netherlands, our talent team are keen to hear from you

Training and Development

Training aligned to your ambition

We go beyond basic recruitment training by offering specialised technical training delivered by seasoned experts. Whether you’re just starting or looking to advance further, our clear and detailed career progression plans offer transparency and a roadmap to success within our organisation.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to advance further, our clear and detailed career progression plans offer transparency and a roadmap to success within our organisation. At Levy, your growth is a planned journey, not just a possibility.

Career Path

Our career path is designed to grow with you, view the 5 key career steps below:


Trainee (New to Recruitment)

Embark on your recruitment journey by mastering the essentials. Dive into a comprehensive training program that includes both internal and external sessions, focusing on the tech-driven facets of our business and recruitment fundamentals. Benefit from mentorship and hands-on learning through our Academy Programme, setting a solid foundation for your career.


Recruitment/Delivery Specialist

Step up to increased responsibilities as you advance. Engage directly with key clients and candidates. Expand your skills with advanced training in client and candidate management, alongside Part Two of the Academy Programme.


Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant, take charge of key client relationships within your industry specialty. Your role will evolve to manage more significant accounts and projects. Develop your adaptability and problem-solving skills with targeted Situational Management training, preparing you for the dynamic nature of recruitment.


Principal Consultant

Progress to a Principal Consultant, where you’ll mentor newcomers and influence strategic decisions. Your role will broaden to include the nurturing of talent within the company and contributing to strategic planning and implementation. Enhance your management abilities with specialized People Management training.


Head Of Division

Attain a leadership position, overseeing teams and playing a pivotal role in strategic decision-making. As Head Of Division, you’ll guide your team to success, drawing on advanced Leadership Management training from esteemed external experts and Levy’s own leadership team.

Employee Stories

My journey with Levy has been full of challenges and growth opportunities. I joined Levy at the beginning of 2021 as an IT recruiter with already five years of background experience in the field and I felt ready for the next step in my career. I found the perfect timing in Levy to switch to a more fulfilling role where I could be able to join our consultants’ journey while developing my soft skills.

Levy was the bridge to make this career change as I joined the People Management team. After almost three years of hard work, I was promoted to Lead People Manager, where my new challenge is to oversee and take care of all of our consultants, while training, guiding and managing the Levy People Management team.

Teresa Curiel

I started at Levy almost 5 years ago as an IT recruiter, today I’m responsible for one of our largest clients.
I love the trust that I’m given to structure my work, the support from my colleagues and manager, and the flexibility the company offers.
I really enjoy it here and I can’t imagine working anywhere else.

Claudia Vona

Aloha! I just went on an epic trip to Hawaii for 2 weeks for the incentive trip that I earned for being one of the top performers for the summer period. It was a grand time when I enjoyed amazing local food and discovered the awesome natural beauty of one of the most remote places on Earth. Among other things, I hiked the Kalalau trail which is known as one of the most beautiful yet dangerous trails in the United States. I explored the islands of Oahu, Kauai, and the big island, where I saw amazing sights and volcanoes. Mahalo, Levy Professionals for allowing me to have this incredible adventure!

Terence Hui

My first day at Levy is still vivid to me. I started my recruitment journey as a trainee, and I had zero clue what recruitment was about.
This opportunity not only gave me access to a new career path but also helped me to settle in the Netherlands with a Highly Skilled Migrant Visa.
I have learned and developed people skills and recruitment ins and outs from my amazing coaches and colleagues at Levy!
Fast forward to today, I have grown to my current role, Delivery Consultant, in which I have more grip on the process for my candidates and more understanding of my clients.
Every day, I enjoy working with friendly and international colleagues, and we thrive together!

Amy Chan

Internal Recruitment Team

The Levy Global Internal Recruitment Team is dedicated to discovering, supporting, and cultivating the next generation of talent, ensuring a bright future for our colleagues and company.

Holly Swain
Corporate Recruiter UK 

Bilge Yorulmaz
Corporate Recruiter NL

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